Although Lisa has been on an extended hiatus to spend time with family and to travel, we at AudioFile Records are still committed to her long-term career.

We’ve recently resubmitted all of Lisa’s songs to the major download stores and continue to work on promoting her music globally.

We’re very grateful to all of the fans that continue to take an interest in Lisa’s work and visit her social profiles – thank-you!

Lisa Polson - Every Part Of MeWe have a brand new release from Lisa Polson, available here from 3rd September 2012 and from all major download stores shortly after.

You can download the song on Lisa Polson’s Music page.

More singles are due throughout September / October and the album will be released as a whole in December.

We decided it was time for an update at Lisa so we’ve installed a brand new site and will now be bringing you more regular news from Lisa Polson.

Since the release of her version of Damien Rice classic Cannonball back in December, Lisa has been working her way around the globe and is currently in Australia where she’ll be performing a few gigs in the coming months.

There are new songs being produced and in the meantime you can find her first three releases available at all major download stores.